Location Map of Kagawa University

JR line symbol of JR
The Japan Railways Group. They have huge railway network including Shinkansen (new trunk lines for bullet train).
Kotoden line symbol of Kotoden
The Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. ("den" means electricity in Japanese), transportation company in Kagawa Prefecture. It has 3 passenger railway lines and bus/taxi/scenic-highway subsidiaries.

As of April, 2015

  1. Saiwai-cho Campus (Main)
  2. Hayashi-cho Campus (Engineering)
  3. Miki-cho Campus (Medicine) Access and Transportation »
  4. Miki-cho Campus (Agriculture)
  5. Takamatsu Elementary School, Kindergarten
  6. Takamatsu Junior High School
  7. Sakaide Elementary School, Sakaide Junior High School, Kindergarten
  8. School for Special Needs' Students
  9. University Farm
  10. Aji Marine Station