Kagawa University, Faculty of Medicine

Basic Concept

  1. We aim for globally applicable education and research in the sciences of medicine and nursing.
  2. We foster researchers in the sciences of medicine and nursing and medical personnel who are rich in humanity.
  3. We contribute to the progress of the sciences of medicine and nursing, the welfare of humankind, and the enrichment of regional medicine.

Kagawa University Hospital

Basic Concept

We advance medical education and research, and contribute to the development of medicine, while providing high-quality medical care that respects the rights of patients.

Basic Policy <Objectives>

  1. We practice medicine that is patient-centered, high quality, and safe, while respecting the individuality and dignity of patients.
  2. We provide a place for lifelong learning, and foster highly capable medical personnel who are equipped with a strict sense of ethics and rich humanity.
  3. We advance pharmaceutical clinical trials and creative research that lead to the development of state-of-the-art medicine.
  4. We strengthen cooperation with regional medical institutions to improve medicine and welfare, and play a central role regionally through support and other activities.
  5. We strive to prepare an environment for medicine that creates high satisfaction, and engage in efficient, stable hospital administration.