Miki-cho Campus (Medicine) Map

Approaches to parking lots with ticket vending machines from June 1, 2013

Approach to boom barriers for staff and students.
Approaches to boom barriers with ticket vending machines for parking lots.
Two approaches to boom barriers.
Approach to the north, a boom barrier for staff and student parking only.
To the south, a largest parking lot with boom barriers and ticket vending machines for patient, carer, and relative or visitor to patient.

As of April, 2015

  1. University Hospital Outpatients' Treatment Building
  2. University Hospital Central Treatment Building
  3. University Hospital Building (West Ward/East Ward)
  4. University Hospital Building (South Ward)
  5. PET Building
  6. Radiation Therapy Building
  7. MRI Building
  8. Administration Office Building
  9. Coffee House (Bus stop and Taxi stand are adjacent.)
  10. "Peony*1" Court
    (Convenience Store, Restaurant, Barber & Beauty Shop, and Post Office*2)
    *1, named after Miki-town flower.
    *2, relocated on July 27, 2015.
  11. Clinical Lecture Building
  12. Clinical Research Building
  13. Basic and Clinical Research Building
  14. Clinical Education Development Building
  15. Graduate School Building
  16. RI Research and Animal Experiment Facilities
  17. University Library (Medical Faculty Annex)
  18. Practical Training Building
  19. Lecture Building
  20. Gymnasium
  21. Restaurant "Bon Appétit!" and Food Section
    (renewed by "Kagawa Univ. Coop*3" on April 1, 2015)
    *3, "Univ. Coop" means university staffs' and students' co-operative store.
  22. Student Hall
  23. "Budo*4 " Gym
    *4, "Budo" means Japanese Martial Arts (Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, and Kyudo (Japanese archery)).
  24. Nursing Education and Research Building
  25. "Ichigo*5 " Nursery
    *5, "Ichigo" means Strawberry in Japanese.
  26. Nursery for Sick Children
  27. Heliport