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Example input file (allele frequency data)
Example input file (genotype data in Genepop format)

How to cite POPTREEW
POPTREEW : Web version of POPTREE for constructing population trees from allele frequency data and computing other population statistics.
Naoko Takezaki, Masatoshi Nei, and Koichiro Tamura
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2014 31:1622-1624

For users of Safari on Macintosh:
When an image file in EMF format or a tree file in Newick format for the displayed tree is downloaded on the PC, the suffix ".html" is added to the name of the EMF file (XX.emf) or the tree file (XX.tre). Please delete the ".html" in the name of the file.

Input file name:
When the suffix of an input file is .txt , an error sometimes occurs when the data is processed. We recommend to use a suffix .dat for an input file.