Web version of POPTREE
for construction of population trees from allele frequency data and computing other quantities

Naoko Takezaki, Masatoshi Nei, and Koichiro Tamura

Construction of population trees and computation of measures of genetic diversity within populations (average heterozygosiy, H) and among subdivided populations (GST) can be done on the web server. The constructed phylogenetic tree can be edited interactively.
Treedisplay :
A tree image can be drawn from a Newick format tree file and interactively edited in Treedisplay.


  1. What does POPTREEW do?
  2. Distance measures that can be used for phylogeny construction
  3. Quantities that POPTREEW can compute in addition to construction of the phylogenetic trees
  4. User guide
  5. Example input file (allele frequncy data)
  6. Example input file (Genepop format)
  7. References
  8. About authors

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