Kagawa University International House,International Exchange Room

Kagawa University International House

The International House was established for the purpose of providing housing for foreigners (International students and researchers) to promote international exchanges in education, research and culture at the Kagawa University. It has a floor space of 622㎡ and was built on 26 November, 1999.
The International House is managed and administered by Dean of Faculty of Medicine as a Director and a Manager. The Manager is an adviser for studying and problems about living. Office matters relating to the International House are dealt with by the Educational Affairs Section in the Faculty of Medicine.

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International Exchange Room

International Exchange Room was established on 15 February, 2005, for the purpose to provide space for reading and exchange information for students and researchers from oversea who affiliated to Faculty of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine, as well as to promote international exchanges. A part of the room is available for prayer purposes.
For inquiries regarding the use of room, consult Educational Affairs Division, in charge of Graduate School and Admission Exam section.

Prayer Room