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Master’s & Doctoral Course       Division of Nursing Science

Master’s Course       Division of Clinical Psychology

Doctoral Course    Division of Medicine

Training Course for Researchers in Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, and Life Sciences

Training Course for Advanced Medical Clinicians


The Master's Course consists of ten specialties in three fields. The objective of the course is to train professionals who are able to adapt to various changes in healthcare, welfare and society, based on a respect for life and humanity. More specifically, the course aims to teach students so as to imbue them with the proficiencies to solve scientific and practical issues in order to improve people's Quality of Life (QOL), and to teach students how, from a global perspective, to conduct research that contributes to advances in nursing science and public health.

The Doctor of Science in Nursing Course aims to improve the health-related QOL for people at all stages of life and explores nursing in an interdisciplinary approach within health-related academic fields. By doing so, we aim to foster nursing practitioners, educators, and researchers who possess high ethical standards and leadership skills. These individuals will contribute to creating innovations in various health-related issues that arise in our daily life, living, and throughout the course of life.

The Doctoral Course consists of two courses in Medicine. The first-term program is designed to provide knowledge and skills required to conduct independent research. During the second-term program, students conduct creative research into specific subjects under doctoral advisers.

The Training Course for Researchers in Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, and Life Sciences teaches students how to conduct life science research (e.g,into rare sugars )and make the transition from basic research to clinical applications. In addition, the Training Course for Advanced Medical Clinicians teaches how to prevent and treat diseases particular to the region, such as diabetes, and also trains cancer experts.