Pediatric Nursing


Current Research Projects

  • To support healthy development of children and family,
    - Establishment and maintenance of breastfeeding.
    - Support to children with chronic disease and their parents.
    - Understanding and support to children with school refusal.
  • Developing academic writing skill in English.

Recent Publications

  • Effects of Kangaroo Care in Heart Rate Variability among Preterm Infants.
    Suzuki M, Tanimoto K. Nursing Journal of Kagawa University, 26(1), 25-35 (2022).
  • An English Needs Analysis of Medical Doctors in Western Japan.
    Willey I, Tanimoto K. McCrohan G, Nishiya K. JALT Journal, 42(2), 143-169 (2019).
  • Adaptation Process to the School Life of Childhood Leukemia Survivors.  
    Tokuchi N, Tanimoto K.The Journal of Child Health. 78(5),468-476 (2019).

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