Fundamental Nursing


Current Research Projects

  • Nursing education system, nursing education.
  • Medical safety education, risk sensitivity.
  • Fundamental nursing skills.

Recent Publications

  • Overeating Risk in Overweight Young Women Is Divided into Two Types According to Appetite and Eating Behavior. Nishimura A, Harashima SI, Hosoda K, Honda I. Metab. Syndr. Relat. Disord. 18(9), 435-442 (2020).
  • A Literature Review on the Redeployment of Operating Room Nurses.
    Takechi N, Maekawa Y. International journal of Japanese Nursing care practice and study 7(1), 29-34 (2018).
  • Quantifying Eye Tracking Between Skilled Nurses and Nursing Students in Intravenous.
    Maekawa Y, Majima Y, Soga M. Stud. Health Technol. Inform. 225, 525-529 (2016).

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