Chronic Adult Nursing



Current Research Projects

  • Study of teaching methods of chronic care for adults.
  • Chronic care and human care research.
  • Study on global health nursing
  • Research on nursing education

Social Contribution Activities

  • JICA Partnership Program
  • Crowdfunding to build more toilets at elementary schools in Cambodia
  • EDU-Port Japan: To promote collaboration in education
  • Project for Global Extension of Medical Technologies in The National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)
  • Support the volunteer club activities

Selected Publications

  • Hiroko Shimizu.Evaluation and Cultural Influence of Nurses’ Attitudes toward Elderly Care,New Research in Nursing-Education and Practice, 2023, 1-14. Doi:
  • Hiroko Shimizu, Eckhard Frick, Arndt Büssing, Hoshina Uehara, Akihito Tsuji, Keiko Matsumoto, Validation of the Japanese Version of the Spiritual Care Competence Questionnaire, International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Researchk, 6(1), 2023, 1-12.doi:
  • Hiroko Shimizu, Tetsuo Toge. Comparison of skin cleaning materials -Examination of skin sense, brain waves and skin surface environment after skin cleaning. Journal of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering 2021(1).

Contact Information

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