Chronic Adult Nursing



Current Research Projects

  • Study of teaching methods of chronic care for adults.
  • Chronic care and human care research.
  • Study on global health nursing
  • Research on nursing education

Social Contribution Activities

  • JICA Partnership Program
  • Crowdfunding to build more toilets at elementary schools in Cambodia
  • EDU-Port Japan: To promote collaboration in education
  • Project for Global Extension of Medical Technologies in The National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)
  • Support the volunteer club activities

Selected Publications

  • Hiroko Shimizu, Tetsuo Toge. Comparison of skin cleaning materials -Examination of skin sense, brain waves and skin surface environment after skin cleaning. Journal of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering 2021(1).
  • Hiroko Shimizu. Comparison of Japanese Nurses’ and Care Workers’ Scores on the Dialogue Preference Scales for Elderly (DPSE). International Journal of Nursing and Clinical Practices, 2020, 7;328,
  • Hiroko Shimizu. Validity of the Dialog Preference Scale for Nurses' Communication with
    Older People in Japan, 2020, 7;322,

Information on Clinical Research by Opt-Out

The research information will be released from June 21th to July 21th, 2022 as follows.

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