• Professor
  • Associate Professor(Liaison Psychiatry)
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
    • Naoya HIGASA, M.D.
  • Assistant Professor(Liaison Psychiatry)
    • Katsuhiro NOGUCHI, M.D.
    • Kokoro MIZUTA,M.D.
  • Clinical Fellow
    • Aya OKUMURA,M.D.
    • Yuki OKADA, M.D.
    • Kouji MINO, M.D.
    • Masaru KISODA., M.D.

Current Research Projects

  • Clinical trials on Alzheimer's disease.
  • Development of new clinical scales on Alzheimer's disease progression(ABC dementia scale).
  • Further analysis on J-CATIA study.

Recent Publications

  • Efficacy of rivastigmine transdermal therapy on low food intake in patients with Alzheimer's disease: The Attitude Towards Food Consumption in Alzheimer's Disease Patients Revive with Rivastigmine Effects study. Tsuno N, 8 authors, Nakamura Y; Geriatr Gerontol Int. Jul;19(7):571-576. (2019)
  • ABC Dementia Scale Study Group. ABC Dementia Scale: A Quick Assessment Tool for Determining Alzheimer's Disease Severity. Mori T, 14 authors, Nakamura Y;
    Dement, Geriatr Cogn Dis Extra, 8(1):85-97(2018)

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