Public Health



Current Research Projects

  • Cost-effectiveness evaluation for Virus Hepatitis in Japan.
  • Nutritional research in Kagawa prefecture.
  • Lifestyle-related diseases prevention in Brunei Darussalam.
  • Suicide prevention project in Kagawa prefecture.
  • Mental health research for Japanese overseas long-stayers.

Recent Publications

  • Malaria rapid diagnostic test (HRP2/pLDH) positivity, incidence, care accessibility and impact of community WASH Action programme in DR Congo:mixed method study involving 625 households
    Nlandu Roger Ngatu, Basilua Andre Muzembo, Nattadech Choomplang, Sakiko Kanbara, Roger Wumba, Mitsunori Ikeda, Etongola Papy Mbelambela, Sifa Marie-Joelle Muchanga, Tomoko Suzuki, Koji Wada, Hasan Al Mahfuz, Tomohiko Sugishita, Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Shunya Ikeda, Tomohiro Hirao
    *Malaria Journal*, 20, (1) 117 - 117, 2021 Feb.
  • Trends in per Capita Food and Protein Availability at the National Level of the Southeast Asian Countries: An Analysis of the FAO’s Food Balance Sheet Data from 1961 to 2018<>
    Syed Mahfuz Al Hasan, Jennifer Saulam, Fumiaki Mikami, Kanae Kanda, Nlandu Roger Ngatu, Hideto Yokoi and Tomohiro Hirao
    *Nutrients*  2022 Jan 29;14(3):603.
  • Kanae Kanda, Yutaka Mori, Kunihisa Yamasaki, Hiroko Kitano, Aya Kanda, Tomohiro Hirao.
    Long-term effects of low-intensity training with slow movement on motor function of elderly patients: A prospective observational study.
     *Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine*, 24:44, 2019.

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