International Medical Zoology


Assoc. Prof. ARAI

Current Research Projects

  • Studies on biochemical and molecular mechanisms of malaria parasite development in the vector mosquito.
  • Development of Plasmodium Mosquito Stage Culture (PMSC), by which infectious sporozoites are obtained without using vector mosquitoes.
  • Development of a transmission-blocking antimalarial.

Representative Publications

  • Potent Plasmodium falciparum gametocytocidal activity of diaminonaphthoquinones, lead antimalarial chemotypes identified in an antimalarial compound screen.
    Tanaka TQ, et al. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 59, 1389-1397 (2015).
  • Suppressive effect of azithromycin on Plasmodium berghei mosquito stage development and apicoplast replication.
    Shimizu S, et al. Malar. J. 9, 73 (2010).
  • Male fertility of malaria parasites is determined by GCS1, a plant-type reproduction factor.
    Hirai M, et al. Curr. Biol. 18, 607-613 (2008).


Contact Information

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