Histology and Cell Biology



Current Research Projects

  • Studies on spatiotemporal regulation of phagocytosis and macropinocytosis by small GTPases and phosphoinositides.
  • Optogenetics (photo-manipulation) of G-protein molecular switches and signaling in live cells.

Representative Publications

  • Rab10-Positive Tubular Structures Represent a Novel Endocytic Pathway That Diverges From Canonical Macropinocytosis in RAW264 Macrophages.
    Kawai K, et al. Front Immunol. 12:649600. (2021).
  • Rac1 switching at the right time and location is essential for Fcγ receptor-mediated phagosome formation.
    Ikeda Y, et al. J. Cell Sci. 130(15):2530-2540. (2017).
  • RhoC regulates the actin remodeling required for phagosome formation during FcγR-mediated phagocytosis.
    Egami Y, et al. J. Cell Sci. 130(24):4168-4179. (2017).

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