Forensic Medicine



Current Research Projects

  • Physiological and molecular biological studies on ethanol and acetaldehyde.
  • Toxicological studies on volatile and gaseous substances.
  • Application of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy in forensic practice.
  • Patho-physiological evaluation of poisoning cases.

Recent Publications

  • High ethanol and acetaldehyde inhibit glutamatergic transmission in the hippocampus of Aldh2-knockout and C57BL/6N mice: an in vivo and ex vivo analysis. Jamal M, et al. Neurotox Res. 37,702-713 (2020).
  • Determination of metallization with energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometry in experimental electric injury. Tanaka N, et al. Leg Med. 47, 101768 (2020).
  • Appropriate samples for helium detection in postmortem investigations. Kinoshita H, et al.  Leg Med. 47, 101784 (2020).

Contact Information

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