Animal Research


Assoc. Prof. ITO

Current Research Projects

・Finding novel treatment for neurological and psychiatric disorders
・Development of novel therapy via stem cells transplantation

Recent Publications

・Chronic non-discriminatory social defeat stress during the perinatal period induces depressive-like outcomes in female mice.
Ito M, Ito H, et al. Brain Research, In Press.
・A possible function of Nik-related kinase in the labyrinth layer of delayed delivery mouse placentas.
Yomogita H, Ito H, et al. Journal of Reproduction and Development 69, 32-40 (2023).
・Activation of proprotein convertase in the mouse habenula causes depressive-like behaviors through remodeling of extracellular matrix.
Ito H, et al. Neuropsychopharmacology 46, 442-454 (2021).