Anatomy and Neurobiology


Prof. MIKI
Prof. MIKI

Current Research Projects

  • Molecular biological and behavioral studies on the effects of maternal separation stress on brain development and functions.
  • Research on BDNF signalings in synaptogenesis and development of tools for evaluating neural functions.

Selected Publications

  • The effects of early life stress on the excitatory/inhibitory balance of the medial prefrontal cortex.
    Ohta K,et. al. Behav Brain Res.379(2020).
  • Meganuclease-Based Artificial Transcription Factors.
    Suzuki S, ACS Synth Biol. 9(10),2679-2691(2020).
  • Prolonged maternal separation attenuates BDNF-ERK signaling correlated with spine formation in the hippocampus during early brain development.
    Ohta K, et alJ. Neurochem. 141, 179-194 (2017).

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