Facility for Radioisotope Research, Faculty of Medicine



  • Professor
  • Teaching Associate
    • Kazuyuki NISHIMOTO (radiation protection supervisor)
    • Shintaro KAMEI (radiation protection supervisor)

Main Projects

  • Support for basic and clinical study using radioisotopes in Kagawa University.
  • Cooperation for radiation safety education and health management of radiation workers.

Selected Publications

  • Structural Basis of the Selective Sugar Transport in Sodium-Glucose Cotransporters.
    Kamitori K, et al. J Mol Biol. 434(5):167464.(2022)
  • Podocyte Injury Augments Intrarenal Angiotensin II Generation and Sodium Retention in a Megalin-Dependent Manner.
    Koizumi M, et al. Hypertension. 74(3):509-517.(2019)

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