CardioRenal Disease Regional Medicine


Visit. Prof. TSUJI

Current Research Projects

1. Factors that can predict and prevent the onset of CardioRenal disease in screening.
2. Construction of training and education system for continuation and stabilization of acquired knowledge.
3. Urinary biomarkers for early detection of renal injury when using anticancer drugs.

Recent Publications

1. Sofue T, Hara T, Nishijima Y, Nishioka S, Watatani H, Yamanaka M, Takahashi N, Nishiyama A, Minamino T, Kagawa Association of Chronic Kidney Disease Initiatives. Changes in Prevalence and Health Checkup Coverage Rate of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) after Introduction of Prefecture-Wide CKD Initiative: Results of the Kagawa Association of CKD Initiatives. J. Pers. Med. 2021, 11, 1121.
2. Sofue T, Okano Y, Matsushita N, Moritoki M, Nishijima Y, Fujioka H, Yamasaki Y, Yamanaka M, Nishiyama A, Minamino T; Kagawa Association of Chronic Kidney Disease Initiatives. The effects of a participatory structured group educational program on the development of CKD: a population-based study. Clin Exp Nephrol. 2019;23(8):1031-1038.