Professional Practice in Clinical Psychology


Current Research Projects

  • The role of clinical psychologists cooperating with other professionals
  • Environmental Approaches in Modern Psychoanalysis
  • supervised experiences of clinical psychologists

Recent Publications

  • Disaster Prevention Education along with Weekly Exercise Improves Self-Efficacy in Community-Dwelling Japanese People. —A Randomized Control Trial.
    Akihiko Katayama, Ayako Hase, Nobuyuki Miyakake.Medicina,57(3), 231,2021
  • Face-to-Face Exercises Performed by Instructors to Improve the Mental Health of Japanese in the Community. —A Randomized Control Trial.
    Akihiko Katayama, Kanae Kanda, Ayako Hase, Nobuyuki Miyatake.Medicina,56(8),404,2020.
  • Clinical Experiences to make use care. Ayako H. Authentic human experience in Clinical matters of living and dying. Akira K(eds.) 2018