Practice of Psychotherapy


Prof. Takemori

Current Research Projects

  • Supervision for counselor. 
  • Case study of psychotherapy for middle-aged identity crisis. 
  • "Narrative Education" for students and their teachers in education.
  • Practical supports for supporters to young people with difficulties in community.

Representative Publications

  • Takemori, M. 2018. The structure of supervision and psychological attitudes of supervisors. Supervision Practical Studies in Clinical Psychology. 4, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, 112-127.
  • Uchihara,K. and Takemori,M. 2018. A Case of middle-aged male with work maladaptation as identity-crisis: from "adaptation to work" to "reflection on a way of life". Memories of the Faculty of Education Kagawa University Part Ⅰ.149, Faculty of education, Kagawa University.
  • Takemori, M, et al. 2017. Introduction to narrative education. Bikousya.