Greetings from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University

Faculty of Medicine Dean

Esteemed Colleagues, Distinguished Guests, and Honored Graduates,

Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University stands as an exemplar of excellence with its distinguished divisions in Medicine, Nursing, and Clinical Psychology. Over the years, it has been a cradle of versatile medical professionals, fostering leaders who make profound contributions to community healthcare and global academia. Inheritors of rich heritage, we are committed to nurturing the forthcoming generation of medical and healthcare professionals who are poised to meet the evolving demands of our society.

Vision for Educational Advancement: Cultivating Visionary Healthcare Leaders
In this era of extended life expectancy, our understanding of diseases and their treatment has progressed immeasurably. Beyond the realms of traditional medicine, we have come to embrace the holistic aspects of health, including its psychological dimensions. In addition, at COVID-19 pandemic, our world has witnessed unprecedented information sharing and the rapid development of effective treatments, notably vaccines, in response to global crises. In this post-pandemic era, characterized by rapid societal transformations, we anticipate a growing need for educators, researchers, and healthcare professionals who can navigate this new landscape with unwavering adaptability and foresight.
To meet these exigencies, Kagawa University has embarked on a comprehensive endeavor: the DRI (Design Thinking, Risk Management, and Informatics) education initiative within our liberal arts curriculum. Our specialized medical courses will cultivate future professionals distinguished not only by their advanced knowledge but also by their unwavering commitment to ethics, service, and leadership. Furthermore, we will intensify our internationalization and diversity initiatives, aspiring to foster individuals with expansive, creative minds that honor diverse values. We believe firmly that such human capital development will indubitably yield educators, researchers, and medical professionals who transcend the capabilities of artificial intelligence, thereby propelling both regional healthcare and the advancement of humanity.

Vision for Research Promotion: Pioneering Innovative Research in Health Sciences
Kagawa University Graduate School of Medicine is resolutely committed to fostering interdisciplinary research that seamlessly integrates the academic domains of Medicine, Nursing, and Clinical Psychology. By transforming our School of Medicine campus into a crucible of innovation in health sciences, we shall collaborate extensively with Kagawa University's Faculties of Engineering and Agriculture, alongside the Shikoku Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Together, we shall chart new dimensions of collaboration and forge a pioneering academic frontier within the realm of health sciences. Furthermore, we shall strategically enhance our global engagement, further enriching our research endeavors.

Vision for Community Engagement: Strengthening Our Integral Role in Community Healthcare
Kagawa University Hospital holds a pivotal role as the epicenter of medical care in Kagawa Prefecture, rendering invaluable contributions to regional healthcare. While the hospital continues to provide daily medical services, adapting to the ever-advancing frontiers of medical technology and responding to emergent medical needs, the School of Medicine's faculty members actively engage in the daily operations of affiliated hospitals. During unprecedented crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Medicine, in collaboration with local governmental authorities, spearheaded the establishment of PCR testing facilities and dedicated accommodations for mild COVID-19 cases.
In addition to our routine medical services primarily conducted by the School of Medicine, Kagawa University School of Medicine remains prepared to autonomously support affiliated hospitals during catastrophic events, including the anticipated Nankai Trough Earthquake.

In summation, Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University remains unwavering in its commitment to advancing the frontiers of medical science, nurturing the healthcare professionals of tomorrow, pioneering transformative research, and enhancing community healthcare engagement. We extend our profound gratitude for your enduring support and encouragement.

With the utmost respect,

                                                                                                  Akira Nishiyama, MD, PhD
                                                                                                  Dean, Faculty of Medicine
                                                                                                  Kagawa University