Call for Symposia

Thanks for your proposals - Submission has ended July 15, 2017

The 95th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan calls for symposium proposal. Please follow the guideline below for submission of a proposal.

Recruitment Period
・ June 1, 2017 ~ July 15, 2017
Time frame of Symposium
・ 110 min /symposium
Presentation Format
・ Oral presentation in English is the basic format for presentation in symposia. Presentation in Japanese may be permitted by the Program committee, if the committee admit special reason.

・ Japanese may be used in Q&A session.

・ The presentation time for each talk and whether nor not to have a panel discussion will be subjected to the organizer’s decision.
Notes on organization of symposium
・ No more than two organizers are permitted. One organizer must be a member of the Physiological Society of Japan.

・ It is recommended to have 4 speakers or so (up to 5 speakers). At least two speakers must be members of the Society.

・ The registration fee will be exempted for non-member speaker or organizer. No financial support for travel or accommodation will be provided by the Organizing Committees.

・ The symposium including female organizers or speakers is preferable.

・ The organizers are recommended to obtain approval from all speakers before submitting the proposal.
Regulation for overlapping roles of organizer and speaker
・ No one can be an organizer of more than one symposium. An organizer is eligible to be a speaker in any other symposium.

・ There is no limitation for overlapping role as speaker

・ The organizer and speaker are eligible to submit one abstract to the general presentation category as the first author. Please refer to the Abstract Submission page for the details.
Requirement of adherence to the regulations of research ethics and conflict of interest
・ The research relevant to the presentation must adhere to the regulations of research ethics, including Animal Care and Use, and conflict of interest. Please refer to the following web site for more information:

◆Guiding principles for the care and use of animals in the field of physiological sciences:

◆Conflict of interest:

※Please download declaration forms from, if applicable
How to submit
・ Please download “Symposium Proposal Form” from the following link, fill in the form and send it by e-mail as an attachment file to the Secretariat at

Review of proposal
・ All proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committees. The decision will be reached after scrutiny by the committees.

・ In case the proposed theme is overlapped with that of the symposia organized by the Expanded Program Committees, the proposal may be asked to either withdraw or merge to the planned symposium.
Notification of acceptance
・ The decision of acceptance will be notified to the corresponding organizer by E-mail in the middle of August.

・ The accepted symposium will be allocated with Symposium number. The Symposium number is required for abstract registration. Please note that this Symposium number is not the final program number.

・ The allocation of the date and room for the symposium will be notified to the corresponding organizer by E-mail in the middle of January, 2018. The overlap of organizer or speaker, if applicable, will be taken into consideration, when allocating the date and room for the symposium.