Abstract Submission

General note and submission period for abstract submission

       15 August - 18 October, 2017

・ An applicant for general presentation category (oral or poster presentation) and a speaker of a symposium must submit the information and abstract of the presentation during the period shown above. Please click "Abstract Submission" button at the end of this page and move to a "Submission" page to complete the submission. One applicant is limited to submit only one abstract in general presentation category as the first author. A speaker of symposium is allowed to submit one abstract of general presentation category as the first author.

・ The submission site will be closed after the deadline. Thereafter, no new submission nor revision of the submitted abstract are allowed.

・ Applicant for general presentation category and symposium speaker of PSJ member must complete Pre-registration before submitting abstract. The Pre-registration ID is required for submission.

・ Symposium speaker of Non-PSJ member DO NOT NEED to complete Pre-registration. Please proceed to the submission site and complete the submission.
Eligibility for abstract submission
・ The first author of general presentation category must be a qualified member of the Physiological Society of Japan (PSJ). The membership fee must be paid for the year of the meeting (Please refer to "Regulations on Members and Councilors" in PSJ). Co-authors of general presentation category, speakers of symposium, participants from overseas organizations may not be qualified PSJ members.

・ Non-member applicant for general presentation category is highly recommended to join the Physiological Society of Japan and obtain a full membership.

・ The Society also offers “Temporary Membership”, which allows application to general presentation at both annual and regional meetings of the Society, which are held during the valid period of the membership. For more information about memership, please visit the PSJ web site. The information on membership is available at > About us > Membership page. Inquiries for membership can be sent to the following Secretary office:

Secretariat of the Physiological Society of Japan
c/o International Medical Information Center,
5th floor, Shinanomachi Rengakan
35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016
TEL: 03-5361-7277 FAX: 03-5361-7091 E-mail: psj@imic.or.jp
Presentation format
・ Abstract of general presentation category will be subjected to either oral presentation or poster presentation. Please select the preference of presentation when submitting abstract from the choice of poster only, oral presentation preferred, or either. However, the final allocation is totally subjected to the decision of the Program Committee.

・ The official language is English for all presentation. Japanese may be allowed only in the discussion session according to the decision by chairpersons. Oral presentation in Japanese may be allowed in some designated oral session of the general presentation category. However, this designation is totally subjected to the decision of the Program Committee.
Special Sessions : Student Session
・ “Student Session” will be held as a part of Oral presentation of General presentation category. However, whether or not to have these sessions will be decided by the Program Committee, in consideration of the number of submitted abstract etc.

・ “Student Session” is a session by the student, for the student, of the student. The session will be chaired by students. Presentation will be in English, while Japanese can be used in discussion.

・ Please note that these special sessions are held as a part of Oral Presentation of a General Presentation category. Therefore, the regulation of eligibility for abstract submission to a General Presentation category will be applied for abstract submission to these special sessions. In addition, an applicant for “Student Session” must be a student of university or college.

・ For applicant to “Student Session”, please select “General category: student session (oral only)” from the pull-down menu provided for “Presentation Preference”, when submitting an abstract. For applicant, who is eligible but not willing to apply for these session, please submit an abstract to a regular general presentation category.

・ “Excellent Presentation Prize” would be awarded for Student Session, if sufficient number of applications (10 abstract and more) are received.

Dicision and notification of acceptance of abstract
・ All abstract submitted for general presentation category will be reviewed by the Program Committee. The notification of either acceptance or rejection will be sent by e-mail to the registered address. The presentation format (oral or poster) and the presentation schedule (date and room) will notified later in due time.